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Authorization to Submit 30 Day Notice

This 30 Day Notice constitutes my/our 30 day Notice and that the below people will be moving out of the property as of the date listed above. Any deposit owed to the tenants will be mailed to the forwarding address listed above


    Before filling out your 30 Day Notice to Vacate form, you must check the boxes below, agreeing that you understand the following terms:*

    I understand that I must complete a 30-Day Notice to Vacate form online at
    I understand that I am responsible for rent and utilities through the 30th day of my 30-Day Notice.
    I understand that if I am vacating prior to the expiration of my lease that I am responsible for rent and utilities until the property either re-rents or my lease expires, whichever happens first.
    I understand that I will be charged rent until all keys are returned to the office. If I fail to return keys, I will be charged to change all locks and rent up to the day the locks were changed.
    I understand that I shall be charged for the repair of any and all damages (outside of normal wear and tear), unless otherwise noted on the Move-In Inspection Sheet.
    I understand that Liberty Asset Group has 30 days from my move out date to send a deposit disposition and I am responsible to provide Liberty Asset Group with a forwarding address.
    I understand that it may take up to 30 days to process my deposit disposition and my refund will not be determined at the time of the move out inspection.
    I understand that Liberty Asset Group will begin advertising the property in an attempt to re-rent the unit. Should the unit get rented, I will not be able to extend my notice to vacate.